I much prefer film photography and the projects I intend to include here, in the main, bear this out. I first started out as a teenager when I was given a Zenit SLR, a mass produced hunk of a camera from the Soviet Union that went 'clang' every time I pressed the shutter. I took photography as an option at school so upgraded to a Praktica, slightly more refined, which became my workhorse for a few years. I have always enjoyed taking images of what is around me: landscapes, city life and close-ups of objects and nature. I am now starting to branch out into more narrative themes. Sometimes one off topics and othertimes ongoing, updated projects. Plus, a photoblog i.e a story or report using photos.


Like everyone else, I tried the autofocus and digital revolutions but have returned to the more organic process that I know and love: enjoying the physicality of film. I do believe that by largely rejecting the super sharp, super saturated imagery of digital, I can maybe be more creative (!?). So, you will more than likely find me shooting with an old film camera (although not exclusively), predominantly German made. For example a medium format bellows viewfinder or a Praktica manual SLR. West German and DDR manufacturers used to produce some of the best cameras and finest optics, before their industry imploded during the 1970s and 1980s. Still, there is plenty of second hand stock around to fulfill my needs. I am beginning to build up a collection of AGFAs. Having said that, I have a few newly acquired Chinons from Japan which started with the CE Memotron. Also, folk tend to give me old film cameras to use - thanks.

Anyway, here is my portfolio of photographic projects.....enjoy. Rock

Tilbury Power Station as seen from Shorne Marshes (1989)  - one of my earliest photographs, from about 30 years ago

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