8 shots, Agfa Isolette I I always fancied trying out a vintage folding/bellows camera, and medium format ones like the Agfa Isolette series can  be picked up cheaply. You might just have to fix some holes in the bellows as are usually 50+ years old. Mine seems relatively okay, I think the few light leaks I've experienced might be from loading the film or through the back somehow. My Isolette I appears to be the second version, from around 1955, and is a rather lo-spec affair. The Agnar lens is not particularly sharp but that is not necessarily a creative disadvantage. Here are 8 shots from various locations on various b&w films.

b CNV00009_DxO.jpg
b CNV00012_DxO.jpg
a CNV00003_DxO.jpg
a CNV00010_DxO.jpg
a CNV00008_DxO.jpg
a CNV00012_DxO.jpg
a CNV00009_DxO.jpg
b CNV00002_DxO.jpg

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