8 shots, Petri 7s For my second 'test' of vintage gear, I present 8 shots from a Petri 7s, a Japanese rangefinder camera from 1964. It has a fixed 45mm lens, built in selenium light meter and a nice to read focusing patch. It's a pleasant camera to use, just have to remember to focus with the lever rather than lens barrel as you would with a SLR. The results (with Fuji Superia 200) have a definite retro look, sharpness and colour wise. Very grainy also. Not sure how much of this is down to the vintage optics or a case of too much under exposure / developer glitch.

028 a.png
014 a.jpg
006 a.jpg
020 a.jpg
025 a.png
012 a.jpg
004 a.jpg
019 a.png

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