these are some of the sites and blogs that I like - check them out too   always look forward to reading the latest post and photo set from Scandanavian photographer Roy. blogs, musings and reviews from Hamish et al (including me at )   cameras and photos from Gary.    film photography blog from Rhianne....who also loves tea!   aka micmojo, Jan is one of my fave current photographers; he also writes a blog I don't think Paolo updates his film blog anymore but this makes for an interesting archive combining film, cameras and developers. Nice work especially his b&w stuff. photography from Charlotte

northeastliberties, Michael McNeill, Ireland and his photo prints inspirational pinhole stuff from Canada including retro images

Stormy Chesil Beach, Portland, Dorset

Bridging the Gap (1988)  - a high contrast lithographic study of the (first) Medway Bridge. Can't remember the film I used but almost certainly shot on a Praktica MTL5B. This image formed part of my portfolio for school/college work. There are now two additional bridges for this motorway/high speed rail crossing.

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