forays in film ii a second lot of 35mm photos - enjoy

Gateway  Praktica PL Nova 1b, E. Ludwig Meritar 2.9/50, Agfa Vista Plus 200

Gateway 2 Praktica PL Nova 1b, E. Ludwig Meritar 2.9/50, Agfa Vista Plus 

Treeline Contax 139q, Sigma mini-wide ii 28/2.8, Fuji C200

Chesil  Welmey 35, Taikor 45mm, Kodak Kodacolor 200 

Crick Contax 139q, Yashica 28-80mm, Fuji C200

Archi-texture III Contax 139q, Yashica 28-80mm, Fuji C200

Creek Agfa Optima Sensor Electronic, Solitar 2.8/40, Rollei Retro 400s

Deal Agfa Optima Sensor Electronic Flash, Solitar 2.8/40, Kodak ColorPlus 200 

Medway King Regula RM, Cassar S 45mm, Fuji C200

Corn King Regula RM, Cassar S 45mm, Ilford Pan F + 50 

Untitled Olympus OM20, zuiko 50/1.8, Kodak Ultamax 400 (expired 6 years, rated at 400)

Ferry Contax 139q, Sigma mini-wide ii, 28/2.8, Agfa Vista Plus 200

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